Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stylish Jewelry Storage

I was going through Friday Magazine last night and there was a feature on some stylish jewelry storage ideas and I just had to share it with you today.

Have a look at these contemporary and vintage storage solutions and pick your favorite.... Mine is Wooden Box Paris and Rose... What’s yours?

Wooden Box Paris and Rose

Nested Tab Box

Vault Jewelry Box

Black Dress Jewelry Holder

Antique gold ribbon beaded box

Aboud Bros wooden box

Click here to find out where each one of these piece is available to grab.

Images via Friday Magazine


nancy john said...

I always like Stylish jewelery for me

diamond engagement rings said...

nice share rachel

especially the vintage storage ...
rachel do you own any of them ?

Rachel said...

Thanks! No i dont own any of them but i hope to own some day :)