Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Thinking of you....

Hey everyone! I find it so hard to get back to my routine, especially when you’ve had a good holiday… As I browse through my pictures I realized I have not shared any with you… nor have I blogged in a while… but I have to say…  You were always on my mind…  yup true!! Who else can I share my holiday experience and inspirations with? But for those who were following me on Instagram would have seen bits and pieces of my travels.

Europe trip gave me amazing architectural, food, wine and magical experience… and my trip to God’s own country tickled my décor bone with lots of inspirations to take away, peppered with instant soul connections and more importantly family time. I have tons of pictures to sort out while I recuperate from a nasty cold…. And indulge in the stash I got from all the shopping!
As I browse through my emails and reply… jotting down to-do lists ……I try to focus on writing some articles… … deciding on storyboards & mood boards…  and looks like I have September dedicated to organizing and writing and hopefully I will be able to squeeze in some time for painting as well.  

So here I am … and stay tuned for more!!
These are just a few of my stash from my recent holiday shopping : )

P.S.  To those who are eagerly waiting for my reply I will be with you soon!! Am still neck deep with my emails. Chat soon!
Image clicked by me

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Choti Moti

Today we speak to a sister duo that launched their venture on a whim and for their sheer love for lifestyle products, design and décor. The Choti Moti sisters, Shalini and Saveen, based in Munich, recently launched their unique online store that caters to lifestyle products. Their products are funky, quirky, boho, chic and ethnic. And they provide a platform for different labels with a curate collection that ranges from accessories and home décor products. I personally love the distinct mood they have created with their collection. It is more like a celebration of good things in life.

Let’s hear more from the beautiful duo

How did it all start?
Choti Moti is an online store showcasing modern Indian lifestyle designs. We currently stock handmade jewellery, textiles, stationery, bags and footwear. We have consciously chosen partners, whose design process is creative as well as sustainable and helps keeps the traditional art of handmade alive.

We have always been passionate about design and decor and working together on something we both felt inspired by was a long cherished dream despite our comfortable corporate jobs in Dubai and Muscat, where we both were based for the last decade. An opportunity to move back with our families to Munich last summer was the first step in realizing our dream and a year later, here we are. 

What inspired you both to this venture?
The inspiration to start Choti Moti came from annual visits home to India, where we realized the indian design scene was buzzing with creative talent and amazing lifestyle products from both budding and established designers. Apart from a few renowned names that are known in the international market, there are a plethora of Indian brands that remain undiscovered beyond the local or national retail scene. We also realized that with Choti Moti, we could cater to a niche in the German market, where people, while familiar with India, its cuisine and the ever popular yoga, are largely unaware of how much India has to offer in terms of design and sustainability; something that they care deeply about. 

Why the name Choti Moti?

We wanted a name that had an Indian origin but at the same time would be easy for a non-indian audience to pronounce and remember. We also wanted the name to represent the range of lifestyle products we were looking to showcase; from elegant to vibrant, retro and quirky, which is why we chose "Choti Moti", a Hindi term denoting knick knacks. The words are easy to say, playful and as proven time and again, a definite conversation starter with our German customers, who are invariably curious about its meaning. Just ask the UPS guy, who delivered our first shipment of products! 

What is the product range that you deal with?

We have an interesting mix of handmade eclectic as well as delicate silver jewelry; some of which are set with precious and semi precious stones, block printed and hand stitched cotton duvets, table and cushion covers, recycled and upcycled stationery and a vibrant range of custom print bags, wallets and footwear. 

What are your dreams for Choti Moti?

We once read it's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together and with Choti Moti we are truly living our dream. We hope to grow our brand organically and include more product categories, such as crockery, furniture and apparel. The ultimate dream is to have our own boutique store with a small cafe within, where we can offer our customers a complete Indian lifestyle experience through a seamless blend of tradition and modern Indian design. 

There are so many things that has caught my eye and here are a few of my favorite things

Bags and coasters

Silver Dragon fly Pendants
Love this wallet!

Beautiful Silver Necklace

Block printed "Royal Sultana" quilt
Funky Sandals

Beautiful Cushions

Wishing the Choti Moti sisters a great success in their journey!! More power to this duo!

Please click here to browse through their products, here to access their Facebook and here to follow them on Instagram.

Images via Choti Moti


Monday, July 18, 2016


Hey everyone… I know I haven’t posted in a bit… which means either I was busy with some work or unwell or traveling. Well I was travelling and had a memorable family vacation and I am back enjoying the holiday blues while browsing through all the pictures. And I can’t wait to share some of my favorite pictures with you all… so stay tuned, keep reading as I bring more inspirations and beauty around! I hope each one of you is keeping well, healthy and happy!

Image clicked by me


Sunday, June 12, 2016

House of the Month: Bindu Joseph's Residence from Kerala

Today’s home feature is a symphony of luxury and simplicity. Bindu Joseph, based in Kerala has created her beautiful space into a retreat. It is truly a home made with a dash of colour, textures, ethnicity and lots of love. Bindu is a collector and has created beautiful vignettes in different corners of her home that blends together in harmony. Everything in her home is so neatly aligned. Even the walls in her home are sprinkled with accessories, giving character to each room and corner.

A word of caution… This home is screaming with beauty and grace as you browse these pictures!! Enjoy the virtual tour!  And let’s hear more from Bindu as she takes us around her beautiful home.

"I live in India ( Kerala ) with my husband and three kids. I am a decor addict and I love to collect things for my house where ever I go…    my house is almost thirty years old and when we wanted to renovate our house I took charge of the complete floor plan. Since I am not qualified technically I approached a qualified engineer and the result is what you see. I had a clear idea about everything…. we just broke some walls for bigger space and more light. I have been collecting artifacts for the past ten years.
Speaking about the favourite spot it's really big tough for me because I love every nook and corner of my house. I am a seasonal decor so love to change things now and then. You can't find things in one place all the time that's me..
. According to me there is no rule for decorating and I should always follow the trend it's completely upto you because it's our home and space go ahead. Thanks Rachel for giving me the opportunity to feature my house in your blog. ."

Love the fusion of colours in this room

This is an old elephant chair which she has repurposed and paired with Jaipur textiles...

the lamps and the brass artifacts gives an ethnic feel in this foyer space

A room with global décor and I love the blue and white scheme here...adorned with beautiful ceramics

Love this dreamy patio... a perfect spot to just sit and enjoy the rains

I could sit here forever with a book a mug of coffee... so cozy

Gallery wall... isn't this breathtaking?

Great idea of hanging beautiful frames with reindeer heads... and the contrast white against grey walls is brilliant.

beautiful vignette created in this corner

Home is where the heart is.... and I say Kitchen is the heart of every home... such a warm and inviting kitchen

Thank you Bindu for giving us a tour of your beautiful home.... I am so sure that we have plenty of inspirations to take away!!

If you wish to follow Bindu's décor inspirations, click here follow her on Instagram.

All images are via Bindu Joseph


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Copper Restaurant Review

Besides good food, you get the crowd to a restaurant through a great décor and design concept. Copper Restaurant is one such destination where the design, décor and food work in perfect harmony. It is new in town and I have heard mixed reviews so I had to check it out myself. Its décor is very impressive…  It is urban industrial and minimally decorated with large spot lights with a fairly large expansive layout. Their seating plan is divided into two – one with an open area of tables and chairs and also with fairly big booths… and the second area has high tables and chairs which is closer to the chef’s open kitchen. I personally love the artwork on the wall… the display of motorbikes and bicycles… and the strips of neon lights on the ceiling… and of course the kid’s play table. My 5 year old was happy to have that table all to herself!

We – I, my family and friends… sat down at the booth, where the seating was comfortable and I had a good view of the chef’s kitchen as well. The menu is not very extensive as expected therefore we were not spoilt for choice. As starters we ordered honey glazed prawn popcorn and potato poppers and both were an absolute delight. For drinks we ordered Grape iced tea and Vanilla shake…. But I have to say that the Vanilla shake ordered by our friends topped my iced tea. As for main, we ordered straight to their signature dish, copper burger along with seafood chowder soup. I totally loved the presentation and plating… the food looked so photogenic! But I wasn’t impressed with the soup… it was runny and not thick like it is supposed to be…. And the burger was not very juicy and flavorsome as expected… maybe our expectations were way too high….  And to add the service of the waiters was quick but not engaging and warm enough. It is of my opinion that the staff’s infectious positive attitude has a huge role in meeting up a customer’s expectation. Therefore we didn’t really venture into ordering desserts.

But I will definitely go back to try out their breakfast menu and hope to have a better experience! And I have to say again that I totally loved the ambience there!

Here is their location

Copper Restaurant
Sayh Al Malih Street, Qurum
Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday, 8am-10pm; 
                             Thursday-Saturday, 8am-11pm
Tel: +968 - 2456 4292

All images are clicked by me 


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dreamy Balcony Décor

Summer has arrived… its hot outside but I still dream of outdoor spaces… To those who live in big cities, an outdoor space is something that they can only dream of… and balcony is the only source that they can enjoy some fresh air without leaving their apartment, witness many sunrises, sunsets & rains, a place where you connect with your loved ones or friends over a cup of coffee… or connect with yourself with a glass of wine. So let’s find out ways to inject some life to your balcony and take it to the next level…

So before I give tips on how to make that balcony cozy, have a look at this gallery of beautiful balconies for inspiration.

Image via here
Image via here
Image via here
Image via here
Bohemian inspiration... love the hammock here! Image via here

a dreamy balcony for sure with globe lights lit up, Image via here

Here are some tips to make your balcony cozy and beautiful

·         Display plants and flowers with quirky pots to make it look pretty. Use hanging baskets or shelves to display plants and this will save your precious space for your balcony.

·         Place small table and chairs with comfy colorful pillows. Make sure to position your furniture well and try not to make it overcrowded.  It’s a perfect corner for you to chill, read and have your cup of coffee

·         To light up at night use string lights or candle lantern or globe lights… this will give a cozy magical feeling and a great atmosphere during your summer evenings.

·         Cover the floor with a small outdoor durable rug to add texture to your space.

Are you ready to add that charm to your balcony? I hope this post has sparked your creative ego!!


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Home Tour: Residence of Hemal from Nairobi

It’s time for the best before the weekend arrives… yes it’s time for Home Tours!!! (applause)…. And today’s home tour is a home that gives a global feel with a good mix of ethnic, asian and african inspiration. I bumped into Hemal on Instagram and I was instantly drawn towards her gallery of her beautiful home pictures. Hemal’s love for travel is reflected in her home décor and she has mixed and matched her momentos and other inspiring pieces so beautifully. Hemal, based in Nairobi, has created a home with a comforting soul and I could feel plenty of it as I had my virtual tour. I also loved her attention to details to keep the earthy tone theme. She is an architect by profession and also a brilliant artist. So let’s hear more from Hemal, sit back and enjoy this visual treat!

Hemal's cozy living room

"I’m from New Delhi and we moved to Nairobi about 3 years ago. I’m an architect by training but have worked extensively in the field of art and culture.  I share my home with my husband and our 2 bubbly young boys.

Our home is our sanctuary. It is an amalgamation of our travels and collected memories. As a family we like to travel a lot, I always tend to pick up something for my home from the places we visit. Isar Gauri statues from Rajasthan, kneeling Teppanom statues from Thailand, masks from Sri Lanka, studio pottery from South Africa, dolls from Japan, a beautifully framed butterfly shaped lock from Hong Kong, carved wooden animals from Zanzibar, carpet and ceramics from Turkey, terracotta plates from Mexico and brass curios bought from flea markets in India and US. When I display these Knick knacks around the house along with thoughtful gifts from friends and family, I’m reminded every day of the happy times that we shared and the memories we made.

With 2 boys under the age of 12 running around the house, nothing can be too precious!  The poor masks in the corridor have borne the brunt of their cricket games. I clearly remember the times when I have glued the broken pieces back!

I would describe my décor style as Global eclectic with a bit of rustic vintage! I love warm colors and interesting play of textures. The word, “handmade” just makes my heart melt……..from pottery to woodwork to textiles to artwork, I’m always partial to handmade stuff!

I also never underestimate the power of the common houseplant.  A dash of green and fresh flowers around the house bring in everyday freshness and add cheer to the humdrum of our daily lives. Kenya is such a tropical paradise, there is abundance of roses and tropical flowers to choose from.

My style is influenced by my mother and my aunt. When I was young, we used to live in a joint family system in a beautiful bungalow with a lovely garden. My mother liked to collect brass antiques and make beautiful embroidery, she would display the brass around the house and all the tablecloths and cushions would have her embroidery on them. My aunt is an artist and our home used to be a gallery of her paintings of varied subjects from Umar Khayyam to batiks to Mythology. My grandfather was an avid gardener and our garden had blooms of some kind year round. The memories of my childhood home had a big impression on my décor style. I think that’s the reason why I tend to take inspiration from vintage décor. I’m intrigued by art and cultures of people around the world, bright colors and foliage of the tropics also never cease to amaze me.

Ofcourse, pinterest and home décor blogs are bottomless pools of constant inspiration.

My favorite place in the house... This would definitely be my balcony, it overlooks a cute little house and lush green foliage around it. Beautiful sunbirds, crows, ibis and sparrows love to hang around the trees. Bright bougainvillea make our morning cups of tea cheerful and we wait for the jacaranda tree to bloom every year!

My Favorite things... Difficult to choose one, as I love everything but I would say the brass lock from Hong Kong, the Isar Gauri statues and the old carved door from Mali."
Brass lock from Hong Kong... one of Hemal's treasures
this is one my favorite... that's a wooden carved door up on the wall
Love her style of vignette
fresh flowers always add charm... and on the wall are Hemal's water colour paintings
Thank you Hemal for sharing your beautiful home with me and my readers!! There are definitely plenty of inspirations to take away!!
If you wish to follow her on instagram click here and to browse through her art please click here.
I hope you all enjoyed this home tour!! Enjoy the rest of your day and the upcoming weekend!
Images copyright Hemal