Thursday, February 28, 2019

Tips to make a Green Bouquet

It’s cloudy outside and the weather is just fabulous… and I can’t get enough of the moody lighting outside which is just perfect for me to take pictures. And as I was busy clicking away and learning more about photography, I realized my tulsi plants or basil were looking fabulous and so green!! As you know I keep dabbling with different plants and flowers that is readily available in my garden and make a bouquet out of it, I decided to make a tiny bouquet out of my tulsi plants and bring it indoors.

I am a hopeless romantic when cozying up my home… and my love for plants and flowers is never ending. And as I brought my tulsi bouquet indoors, the tulsi aroma and the green colour was just enough to change the mood of my space. And have a look at the pictures to see the end result. 

Here are some tips to make a green bouquet:

·         Do not be afraid to mix and match with different leaves and different shades of green.

·         Infuse herbal plants for aroma like rosemary, lavender, basil or sage.

·         Make sure everything you have collected are in different height or length. And if not, just trim them accordingly.

·         Include flowers if you want and that pop of colour is always welcome. Or add some rice flowers to add warmth and texture. And don’t be afraid to use long leaves. They add drama to your bouquet. Ferns are my favorite.

·         Wrap them together with a tape or don’t tie, just put it in a vase with water.

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I hope the above tips were useful… Let me know what you think and do share the pictures of your bouquet if you end up making one!!! Have a great day everyone!

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Inspiring. Bouquet with greens just lovable. Pretty images. Visit me too at crystalgrandeur. Sujatha:)