Tuesday, August 20, 2013

House of the Month: Vidya from What’s Ur Home Story

I was thrilled to discover a beautiful blog called What’s Ur Home Story by author Vidya, who is a financial analyst by profession, a home décor and a hard core DIY enthusiast. She lives in Northern Virginia, USA and is a busy mom to her two kids. As I was flipping through her blog pages I could instantly relate to her home décor obsession and fell in love with her home where beauty has graced her space in every tangible form. There is so much of inspiration to take away from Vidya’s space…. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

So get ready for Vidya’s beautiful home tour.

Love the pop of red in the living room

a nice corner with a sculpture of Buddha

Beautiful mirror in the foyer

Dining room looks simple yet elegant with lots of natural light

Beautiful handmade paisley art on her dining wall...check out her DIY section to learn more!

Family room with antique furniture and colourful accents

Loving the art on the wall

An office room decorated with vintage finds, cork board map and drop cloth zebra rug

The gallery wall decorated with pictures, posters and movie reels!

a warm guest room with pop of yellow

Love the warmness of the yellow

Love the fabric and the upholstered chair

Kids room... notice the Aladdin lamp on the shelf

Colourful boy's room

Girl's room in pink... fit for a princess

Breakfast Nook... notice the red bamboo table and the plate wall

Notice the flow of the plates on the wall... so well arranged!

Love the tone of red and the framed chalkboard

Thank you Vidya for sharing your warm and inviting home with all of us today!!!

Click here to browse through her blog for more inspirations.


Vidya @ Whats Ur Home Story said...

Thanks for the opp, Rachael!

Rachel said...

Happy to feature your beautiful home Vidya!

Sarah said...

I too recently came across Vidya's blog...I read it from the first page to the last!! Awesome home tour - I would love to see more home tours from your blog!