Monday, October 2, 2017

Home Tour - Residence of Vaidehi from California

Today’s home tour screams minimalism. Vaidehi based in California lives in this cozy apartment where there is plenty of natural light streaming in through their large windows. Her home has an underlying current of monochrome style with a stroke of ethnic décor and beautiful pop of colours. She has layered her home with beautiful rugs, textiles and home décor. Her love for traditional and ethnic accessories can be seen in her décor style. Have a look at her beautiful apartment and let’s hear more from her.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am a Software Engineer, and ended up in Silicon Valley pursuing a dream to be a part of software advancement surrounded with Apple, Google, Facebook and so many more headquarters. During my masters, it was first time I was miles away from home, so friends became family. That's when I found my partner. We decided to start a life together and got engaged in March17. It only made sense for us to share a home (instead of waiting another year until marriage) considering sky high living costs in California. That's when this apartment happened. We moved here in June and it's hard to believe it's just been over three months

Where do you get inspiration to do up your home?

I mainly look up Instagram, pinterest and blogs for inspirations. Some of my favorite houses on insta are @pinkzpassion, @shweta_hm @lifeacrossthesevenseas @thedecomania. I love going through home tours on blogs and youtube. Kate la vie’s house is a dream on pinterest. I also like watching Mr. Kate’s room transformations on youtube. 

What's your favorite décor style?

Oddly I am a confused animal when it comes to décor style. I like ethnic, boho, modern, mid-century, vintage, eclectic. Basically I like everything and anything that is appealing to my eyes. However, I find the houses curated with artifacts from all over the world and fusion of different traditions so much more interesting. @mogradesigns by Sandeep Inamke is one such example. And I am also drawn towards ethnic décor that involves brass and Indian textiles.

What is your favorite part of your home?

The day-bed by the window in our living area has to be our favorite. It is actually a two old student twin beds (mine and my finance’s) stack one over the other. It is my favorite unwinding spot.

Any tips or advice on decorating a house?

I am definitely not a pro in this area, although I have learnt a few small things setting up my house. I have learnt that you don’t have to spend a fortune on décor. Keep it minimal, kept it clean and organized with a touch of greenery always look beautiful. We are in a rental, and I have always seen people being afraid to do much in rentals. However, there are so many ways to decorate without harming any agreement, so there is absolutely no reason to hold back. Another thing is don’t forget to consider likes and interests of people you will be sharing your space with. And lastly, pinterest is a very helpful tool to create targeted ideas and mood-boards.

Thank you Vaidehi for sharing your décor inspiration and your beautiful space with me and my readers!

All Images are via Vaidehi

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