Thursday, September 21, 2017

Home Tweak

I love moving things around in the house once in a while… be it furniture, wall hangings, shelf displays, décor accessories.. I even love to change my regular crockery with a new set… Why do I keep doing it? I don’t know… maybe it’s a creative surge to nourish my soul… maybe because changes brings in a new look… And I must admit it also gives me a kind of a “high” in some ways!! So I decided to start a new series called “Home Tweaks” where I share my space and my home tweaking process.

So for the past few days, while de-cluttering and reorganizing my space, I have been itching to change the display on my crockery hutch for quite some time and I finally managed to do it. I removed my old tealight holders and replaced it with a vintage Japanese teapot set which looks rather nice. What do you think? Have a look and let me know…

Old display on my crockery hutch

And viola!... replaced the tealight holders with a vintage Japanese tea set and an Ikea plant holder

And this is how it looks now!

Stay tuned for more in Home Tweak series…

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aru said...

I just loved the whole idea.. of home tweak ! I am like that too . Love making these tiny changes to give a particular space a brand new look ! I love your new arrangement . Teapots hold a special place in my heart! Dil maange more my girl so looking forward ������❤️❤

Rachel said...

Thank you Aru! I am glad you liked the post!