Monday, September 11, 2017

Villa Maya - an enchanting dining experience

Villa Maya, a fine dining place in Trivandrum, envelopes you with tranquility as you enter.  This place has spoiled me with its aesthetic ambience, classical architecture, fountains, excellent food and service. Every nook and corner, especially the outdoor area is mesmerizing. The stone archway, outdoor pavilions surrounded by pond, ancient lamps and stone sculptures are just a few highlights of this beautiful restaurant. As you enter you are cut off from the city chaos and you are welcomed by the serenity of this place. This three-storeyed restaurant is converted from a residence of a Kerala queen which was originally called the Amma Veedu and it has managed to restore its finesse, comfort and elegance. I had a feast with my camera as I was given a guided tour of this enchanting property...

The menu is carefully crafted …. They have a range of authentic Kerala cuisine twisted with a contemporary touch with excellent presentation.  And the menu also includes international cuisine and drool worthy desserts!

Sit back, have a cup of coffee and have a look at these pictures that gives you a royal era Zen feel to this place...  Enjoy the virtual tour!
Grand Entrance

Courtyard as you enter

Three storeyed mansion

The reception area

Love the wall art

Outdoor Pavilion surrounded by a pond

a beautiful sculpture near the pavilions

Mural art

Upstairs area where the bedrooms are converted into lounge and dining area

The outdoor reception area where the décor is minimalistic and ethnic

Will definitely go back to try out their other signature dishes

If you ever visit Trivandrum, please make sure you visit Villa Maya to experience the food and the serenity of this place.

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