Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Curry Tree Design

Most of the eco-friendly and handmade products has a unique beauty and charm because there is lots of care and attention to details. And of course there is a lot of hard work and empowerment behind each product. Curry Tree Design is one such brand that is committed to being eco-friendly, sustainable and support local artisans. Ekta Aggarwal is the force behind this brand that comes out with fabulous bags and clutches.  Thank you Ekta for that elegant and simple clutch… the royal blue colour is just beautiful and I had fun styling it for you...
Have a look at some of her products to visually feel what it’s like….


Lets hear more from Ekta about her journey with Curry Tree Design
How did your journey with Curry Tree Design begin?
I have had a long standing interest in Indian craft especially Indian hand-woven textiles. On
returning to India after completing my masters in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts,
London, I gave serious thought to what I really wanted to do for the long term. I decided to start
Curry Tree Design. I think being away from India for an extended period of time made me
realize the strong influence of Indian traditional textiles on my aesthetics.
What kind of formal training did you need to start this venture?
I have a MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London and BA in
Economics from Hindu College, University of Delhi. I am at present studying for MFA in Art at
California Institute of the Arts. At CalArts, I am right now participating in Hybrid Incubator for
Visionary Entrepreneur (HIVE) program to develop the necessary business and marketing skills
to take my company forward.
Where do you derive your inspiration for your designs?
I am inspired by the textures, patterns, lines and colours of the Indian handmade textiles. The
beauty and flaws of these fabrics draw attention to the human hand at work. My designs strive to
acknowledge the labor of the traditional craftswomen behind these fabrics. I am inspired by their
simple lifestyle that is so attuned and connected to the land.
What is unique about your products?
At Curry Tree Design we make earth friendly bags using handmade fabrics in India. Our aim is
to provide a platform for Indian craft and jobs for craftswomen. Through Curry Tree Design we
want to create awareness for compassionate fashion. Curry Tree Design supports animal welfare
and 10 % of our profits go towards animal care. We make beautiful products that uplift the
people who carry them, see them and make them.
Is there a website or online store? And is it available for overseas customers as well?
We do have a website where our customers can view our entire collection. We are also currently
building a new website that would be connected to an online shopping platform, so very soon our
customers will be able to buy our bags online.
We are aware that there is a worldwide interest in Indian handmade products. Our bags are
available for overseas customers as well. We ship our bags worldwide.
What is your vision for Curry Tree Design?
I see Curry Tree Design as a medium to help build a strong sustainable community to support everyone in the world and to create a better environment for all of us to coexist
Thank you Ekta for sharing your journey with me and my readers... We wish you a growing success in everything you do!!!
If you wish to get in touch with Ekta please write to currytreedesign@gmail.com and click here to browse through her products.


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