Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rains: A Great Tuesday Morning Distraction

It’s great to be out today and enjoy the fantastic weather here in Oman. The rains always have a strange effect on everyone…some love to just snuggle back into their bed…. Some love to read or go out…. Some love to blog, listen to their favourite music and have hot chai (that’s me!)…. My garden looks fresh and joyous today and I can’t imagine anything more perfect than the fantastic view from my garden.  Hope this weather continues….

My Garden

My Guardian in my garden enjoying the rain!


View from my Kitchen window
Time for Tea!!
Images are clicked by me


Shilpa said...

Very nice!! Your garden looks lovely! But more so that steaming cuppa! :) hope you had some good R&R today!

Rachel said...

Thanks a lot Shilpa!! :)