Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Slider Station Muscat

A restaurant’s success depends on a lot of factors like concept and brand image, quality food & a great menu, location & ambience and turn around on customer feedback. And I am sure there are so many other internal and external factors that I have missed out on. Today’s feature is on a restaurant called Slider Station Muscat, whose success lies in all of the above combination of factors that I just highlighted. Besides their signature dishes like gourmet sliders (mini burgers), burgers, steak, salads, and their soulful desserts I love the interiors of this restaurant.

The industrial chic interiors portray a garage and a gas station concept, decorated with Edison bulbs giving a rustic look.

A Conveyer Belt Bar


Love these Edison Bulbs



I am sure most of my readers in Muscat have already visited Slider Station but have you tried their breakfast menu that was launched recently? Few days back I had a hearty breakfast at Sliders which was unforgettable and with some good company that made it more special.

 To give you a heads up on what to expect, here is what I tried out at Slider Station.
Fantastic view in the morning
Great outdoor area
My Cappuccino arrives to wake me up!

SS Signature Flat Bread

Cheese and Herb Manaish

Green Chillie Roast Beef Benedict

Eggs Menemem

Middle Eastern Platter

Brownie Pancakes just blew me away!
Location: Oasis by the Sea Mall, Bareeq Al Shatti,
Phone No.: 2469 8990

Images are clicked by me


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