Friday, February 14, 2014

Chain of Hearts

I learned the art of stitching, crochet and knitting during my childhood days and somehow this art was forgotten as my ship sailed through different phases of life, making impulsive and life changing decisions and never regretted a single one. It used to be fun creating something even though it took a lot of your time and required patience …. And it turned out addictive as well. I wondered if I can ever go back into those days of creating something with beautiful colored thread and fabric in this time constrained world…. And I said why not!! That’s when I came across this tutorial for stitching a chain of hearts from one of my favorite blog, Design Sponge…. Voilà here it is!! I did it!

Click here to view the tutorial. Do you like my chain of hearts?

Wishing my readers a Happy Valentine’s Day! Spread the love…..

Images are clicked by me



Sandhya Menon said...

Way to go! Happy VDAY!

Rachel said...

Thanks Sandhya and wish you the same!