Monday, March 17, 2014

Riot of Colors: Happy Holi

Today is Holi, a popular festival in India that is celebrated with colors that make it the most vibrant of all. How about a splash of colors in our home décor?

Enjoy the riot of colors through these pictures!
Happy Holi Everyone!

Beautiful crockery; Image via ; photographed by Lawra Edwards 

Beautiful colored cushions for your room; Image via Pinterest

love the shades of paints; Image via Natures Doorways

Orange and Pink Table Setting; Image via Pinterest

Colorful flowers; Image via Pinterest; Picture taken by Rachel Elizabeth

a beautiful kitchen cabinet; Image via Pinterest

explosion of colorful peppers... now that's hot!; Image via Pinterest


Manisha Vedpathak said...

Hi Rachel, enjoyed the riote of colors. Thanks for sharing. Happy holi to you as well!

Rachel said...

Thanks Manisha!