Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Elena Shumilova Photography

Russian photographer, Elena Shumilova, whose photography revolved around her two growing boys and the animals in her farm, went viral as soon as they were published. She trusted her intuition and took advantage of the natural light, different weather conditions, her beautiful farm and surroundings. I was amazed while viewing her pictures and left me with a magical feel, warmth and so much of emotional depth to her pictures.

For those who are yet to view her pictures here is a tiny peek to her work and I am sure it will leave you enchanted!


Click here to access her facebook page and follow her work.

All Images credit/copyright Elena Shumilova



Bhavani Nandan said...

Awesome ........ Fantabulous!!!

Rachel said...

Bhavani, Am glad you like it!

Louisette said...

Gorgeous, Elena Shumilova is a great photographer