Monday, March 23, 2015

Srivatsaa Photography

Today I’d like to feature Srivatsan Sankaran’s distinctive style in his photography. I love the way he uses natural light and how he captures a unique moment in time. You will see how he brings out the simplicity of life and nature through his pictures.


Let’s get to know more from Srivatsan himself.

"I am Srivatsan Sankaran hailing from Chennai, India. I am Engineer by education but a diehard Photographer by passion. I have been pursuing my passion for the past 6 year. It began with Sony DSC-S600 and used it for landscape, portrait, etc. After 3 years, I transitioned to Nikon Coolpix and used it for 6 months. I learned a lot through a dedicated lifestyle for understanding the very nuances of photography. My primary objective of photography is bringing out a sense of union with Mother Nature, and a sense of singularity with people. Exploring and experiencing the new places to capture people’s life style, culture and tradition in the sincere way bring immense happiness to me. Over the years, I ventured into commercial photography like small portfolio, wedding candid, Product shooting and post production work. Since I always believe in shooting in a natural way, it helps me to bring a kick start in candid and other shootings."

How did you discover your passion for photography?

Photography is used to be an area of significant interest till 12th standard. In the two years, I developed a keen fascination for photography. It resurfaced on a trip to Munnar where I had my first experience using a small point and shoot camera with which I clicked picture of sunrise with a heavy fog. I put up the clicked pictures on Flickr and received comments by foreigners which really appreciated me. In order to pursue more knowledge, I was looking for like minded people and so I put effort to perceive a specific group where we share our knowledge through practical experience. Although i was studying in college, I started to travel many places to cover various events like Holi in Mathura and vrindavan, Dussehra in Mysore and Kulasekara patinam, Jallikattu in Alanganallur , Monsoon moods in North East India etc,. This helps me to root in photography very deeply.

Did you get any formal training?

No, I did not get any formal training and I learned it through practical experience. Most of my work is related to Travel Documentary and so experience is the best teacher. If one has enough passion about anything, He/she doesn't require any formal training except Hard work, Patience and humbleness.

What kind of photography are you into?

I am into Travel, Creative candid portrait, Macro and Monochrome. Although most of my works are related to travel and Macro, I always love to experiment with creative works. 

Any tips for someone who is new to photography?

Always believe three Mantras when you are new to photography

1) Hard work -Leads to Excellency in skill 

2) Patience - Leads to better life

3) Humbleness - Helps to learn a lot! 

Follow your own passion and never let it down. Respect other’s work. Most importantly, please don’t copy other’s creativity

Have you had any exhibitions done so far? What are your future plans?

Yes, I have done more than ten exhibitions in different places across India and my future plan is to conduct Solo exhibition of Travel Documentary in My place. I worked in a Corporate Company for two years. Since I am so passionate about photography, I am planning to venture into Full time photography and will take candid, Travel documentary and any assignments.
Click here to browse through his pictures and for updates on his work.
Images are copyright/credit Srivatsaa Photography


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