Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Joy in Doing It Yourself

Have you experienced the joy of “doing it yourself”? I never considered myself a DIY person until lately when I co-hosted a baby shower for someone dear to me!! The feeling of self-sufficiency, choosing your own colours and textures and using it to your heart’s content was awesome and fulfilling… I finally managed to overcome my fears of trying out DIY projects…. I would love to know if any of my readers are DIY fans or never experienced the joy of DIY!!

Here are some pictures of some décor that I managed to create... click on the caption of each picture for tutorial

Paper Fans, Click here to view the tutorial

Tissue paper pom poms, Click here for the tutorial

Diaper Cake, Click here for the tutorial

Cut outs from free printables available online and stuck it on felt pieces

created a gift hamper for the mom to be, with lot of goodies in it

Notes, jokes and advice for the mom & dad to be

Images are clicked by me



Unknown said...

I love DIY!! Thank u for sharing 😃

Rachel said...

Enjoy DIY Anoopa! I would love to see your work soon!

Unknown said...

I am great diy fan, and few diys are shared with readers and many still unshared. There are few failed diys, these teach me to try more every time.