Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lisa Corti Home Textile

Even when I am on a tight budget there are a few things that I don’t mind splurging… no no ... not jewelry… its textiles and handlooms. I always had a soft spot for textiles that beautify interiors like bedspreads, table cloth, quilts, and table-runners, because it gives life to any home décor. Last night while browsing on the internet I came across this beautiful store that swept my feet away. It’s called Lisa Corti Home Textile Emporium, based in Milan, by Italian Textile Designer, Lisa Corti. Her designs and prints are eye popping, unique and beautiful mix of colours that strike a balance with interesting combinations.  She mainly draws her inspiration from different cultures and from her travels, especially India. Her store is an eye candy for sure to a textile-lover and I hope to visit some day.

Click here to browse through her store and products…. Wishing you all a happy and dreamy weekend!!

Image copyright Lisa Corti

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