Monday, February 3, 2020

Tips to Revamp your Deskspace

After a long and hectic week, it is always good to revamp your desk to make an environment that is functional and motivating. My desk was cluttering up with papers, documents that needed filing and books. And the whole cluttering process affected my work progress, productivity and balance. So I finally sat down to clear up my desk and revamped it by de-cluttering, filing and throwing away papers that I don’t need and I set the vibe with some fresh flowers and Indian basil arranged in a vase. And my desk got an instant makeover! What do you think of my desk space?

This was how it looked!... Can you see the stack of papers and books piling up?
And this bunch of flowers and basil, just changed the vibe

Here are some tips to revamp your desk and set it in the right tone:

Create a Mood-board:

Treat your desk space as your mood board. Use calm colours or black and gold or even browns by using books, desk accessories, your brand posters or art and motivational quotes.  And the best part is you can keep changing your desk look. There are no rules here.

Always de-clutter:
My desk always keeps piling up with books, papers, documents that needs to be filed and bills! Towards the end of the week it’s always good to de-clutter so that you can start the new week with a clean desk. File away papers and throw away things that you don’t serve any purpose.

Good Lighting: 
To boost your productivity, you need good lighting, be it natural light or artificial. Use warmer hue desktop light and adjustable light levels to avoid eye strain. Invite as much light as you can to make your space look bigger.

Green or flowers: Fresh indoor plants or flowers instantly set the vibe for your work space. It instantly sets a zen vibe to your space.

I hope you get to revamp your desk space and if you do, please keep me posted on how it goes!

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