Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Passion for baking and love for cakes from childhood has led Rumana Jaseel’s IncrEDIBLE ART a successful venture. Based in Cochin, Rumana Jaseel, wife of Jaseel P Ismail - Doubles National Badminton champ who represented India in International tournaments like the Thomas cup, Commonwealth games, Asian Satellite, is a mother of two and a nutritionist by profession. Rumana started her venture into cakes and named it Cake Bake and later branded it as IncrEDIBLE ART and there was no looking back. Her cakes and her passion for baking were featured in many magazines and newspapers and famous among celebrities. Each one of her cake is baked and decorated to perfection. She also conducts workshops where she combines her knowledge of nutrition and the art of baking. Most of her creations are customized, including her signature desserts like earl grey mousse which is served in chocolate cup and saucer, chocolate cakes with different concoctions and the list goes on.

Here are some of her artistic creations to drool on

Earl Grey Mousse - Rumana's signature dish

Rumana's workshop

Click here to explore her facebook page to view her cakes and be updated with her new delights.

Images via IncrEDIBLE ART


Nielouphar (Neelu) said...

Oh, you know her too? Such a small world! :))

Neil said...

Is this in Cochin? Amazing...Love the Earl Grey Mousse and all the others are just superb...

Rachel said...

Whenever i am in Cochin and i need to order cake i know where to go now :)

Shafiq said...

Fabulous art in cakes!