Monday, September 17, 2012

Deep Dark Chocolate Cake – for all dark chocolate lovers!

Past few days I have been frantically looking out for a recipe for an easy dark chocolate cake as I wanted to bake for my husband, Neil, on his birthday. He loves dark chocolate. Considering the time constrain and Isabelle, my little one, who is determined to keep me busy and on my toes, i was glad to find this easy and quick recipe at Hershey’s website and it did turn out just as i expected - rich and moist!

Happy Birthday Neil!!!

Click here for the recipe and enjoy baking!

For icing instead of butterfrost I used chocolate ganache.

Recipe is as follows
Melt Chocolate 200gm and fold in cream (200gm) and mix well. Spread this on the cake.

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Neil said...

SUPERB cake...loved it so much...Very Moist...Thanks a lot for it... :)

Unknown said...

Hi Rachael

Wonderful cake.. very much tempting..

glad to follow you here :)

Rachel said...

Thanks Nupur! And welcome to my blog!