Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Gift Bow from a Magazine Page

I came across a great tutorial on how to make a gift bow from a magazine. It is simple to make, very cute and a great idea for a gift wrap. The colored pages from a magazine also make the bow look funky.

Have a look at the bows I made!

I love this recycling idea. So get ready to jazz up those birthday gifts. Click here to view the tutorial and enjoy this eco-friendly project.

Images are clicked by me


Crystal Grandeur said...

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Rachel said...

Thanks for visiting my blog... I just went through your page.. its lovely... I'd love to get in touch with you... please write to me at

Sania Siddiqui said...

this DIY of newspaper bow looks interesting... but it wud be more helpful if u cud give the directions to make it.


Rachel said...

Thanks Sania Siddiqui!!! For the tutorial, please click on the link provided in the post.