Monday, July 15, 2013

Bindaas Thankam Shots-Out Photography

A week back I accidentally discovered a talent in the photography world and I just knew I had to feature her passion and skill in photography. Popularly known as Bindaas Thankam, I personally love her food photography, the mood she creates for her pictures and some of her portrait shots are powerful.

Over to you Thankam to learn a little more about yourself and your work -
"Hi, I am Thankam Kumaran and in the photography world I am known as Bindaas Thankam. Presently am based in Kochi. Bindaas became my moniker thanks to my time at Radio Jockey Training. Photography was never my first love. I have always been into music and poetry. I was trained in western classical Piano and Vocals for 2 years. Had to leave music due to TB and it took me over three years to recover from it. This affected my vocal quality. So, I decided not to sit and cry about it, rather decided to do something that requires creativity. I use to take decent good photographs with my point and shoot, then my dear friend recommended me to put my energies into photography and for that he also advised me to get a basic course in Graphic Designing. It helps in the long run for editing and working on commercial photography.

I have invested myself into full time photography ever since my marriage. Being married to a naval officer enabled me to travel places and helped me photograph different places and faces. I love doing portraits more than anything else, but with weather, time n space I have taught myself to blend into different genres. Yes I am self taught. Google and studying works of masters like Steve McCurry has helped me a lot. I never copy anyone's style and always believe in making my own statements. More than technicality, I believe in bringing the candidness in every frame.

Food photography happened by chance. I have been cooking ever since I was a kid and after marriage I wanted to write a cookbook, so voila the idea of food photography came from there and there has been no stopping ever since. Apart from travel and food photography, I also love doing sunsets one of my favourite subject in landscape.

I provide professional services for small events like baptisms and music concerts and also do candid portraits for kids, family, women, and men. I also shoot for cake artists. Being a graphic designer, I also design albums, logos, catalogues. I am also a digital makeup artist. Upcoming assignments may involve me in clothing lines, restaurants and yes lots of Travel.

Photography has changed my life; it has made me more responsible and appreciative of life. I have dedicated my life to raise funds through my assignments to provide education to kids and to provide protection to wild life. My goal is not get famous but to contribute to the changing fabric of my world."

Here are some beautiful pictures clicked through her lens




Check out her page for Photography at BindaasThankam Shots-Out Photography and her food & recipe page called PinkWife-Fast & Fabulicious.  

Images via Bindaas Thankam

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