Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Scarlet & Mint and Win a give-away

Scarlet & Mint is a sophisticated and chic Indian brand appealing to the modern woman, to suit her each day with a varied range of shoes, bags, clutches and funky accessories. Their collections are colorful, sophisticated and glamorous and bring the latest global fashion to India. Their shoes, bags and accessories are absolutely divine!

In conversation with Scarlet and Mint to know more about the fashion brand

First of all – what a cool name!

S: (laughs) I’m glad you like the name! It took us a while to come up with it, but we both love it and think it’s really representative of our style.

M: That was certainly the aim of it, at any rate! And psst... they’re our initials as well!

So how did Scarlet and Mint come about?

S: I don’t feel like there is a fashion brand that speaks to me in India! Like most women today, I’m quite busy – and what I was really looking for was a brand that curated the best stuff out there for me. This is when I reached out to M...

M: ... Yes, S always comes to me with her fashion woes! J I’ve worked in a number of global fashion brands and have wanted to start my own brand. At the moment I am based in Shanghai, where I see a lot of the latest global trends – from the traditional fashion centres of Europe and US, to Asian fashion influences like Japan and Korea.

That’s interesting – tell me a bit more about your individual styles.

M: I’d describe my style as “classic”. I have a big collection of vintage dresses from the 50s and 60s and, of course, I have a massive collection of heels! For me, shoes make or break an outfit.

S:  Generally speaking, I am a bit of an understated dresser, but I do love to give my outfit a bit of an edge with a pair of studded heels or something. And of course, M gives me makeovers every so often, which I love!

M: Oh, and I love Deepika Padukone’s style! She really nails the “classic with a modern twist” look!

So is that what Scarlet and Mint is about? Classic with a modern twist?

M: That’s pretty spot on! I’d describe our brand as: colourful, sophisticated, glamorous and sexy.

What can we expect to see in your launch collection?

M: Our launch collection has shoes, handbags and jewellery. We’re looking at a lot of warm tones: reds, fuchsias and some orange. We’ve also got some gorgeous prints in there. We have tried to keep the heels clean but in bright colours, while the flats are more playful with studs and crystals.

And how do you see Scarlet and Mint evolving over the next few years?

S: We’ll certainly extend our product range, but we want to be more than just another fashion brand and really engage with our audience. So that would include things like style tips for different events, getting a makeover and giving like-minded people a community board to interact with each other in.

Sounds exciting! What’s the best way to keep abreast of your progress?

S: Keeping checking out our Facebook page and our website!

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And as always we’re keeping it really simple.

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Contest closes on the 26th of May and is open to all readers with India shipping address. So hurry!!
Thanks Scarlet & Mint for hosting this lovely give-away. All the best everyone!! Stay tuned on my Facebook page to find out the winner.
Images via Scarlet & Mint


Tara Rajan said...

Scarlet & Mint's collection is Trendy.It is what a girl wants!:)

Mala said...

Scarlet and Mint's collection is Bold and Happy, its Class and Freedom all rolled into one!

Love your stuff ladies!!

neelima raparla said...

Scarlet & Mint's collection is that one thing which will make you feel like a style diva !! Its Chic and elegant collection to make our every day a special one !!

meeta bhalotia said...

Scarlet & mint is exquisite and affordable . Every woman's dream come true as it's trendy and classy!

Mia said...

Scarlet & Mint's collection is THE BOMB!

Love the explosive, stylish collections! Something for everyone!

Thank you for hosting this giveaway! That clutch is gorgeous :) :)
Much love and good luck with your brand.

Namrata said...

The name 'Scarlet and Mint' says it all!
Scarlet and Mint's Collection is Bright and Bold with a lot of Flavour that makes it stand out!

Asha Daniel said...

Scarlet & Mint's collection is desirable
It is special, admirable and adorable
Their collection is awesome and cool
That makes me dream and drool!
I love all the designs and style
For sure it will make me shine!

anoopa susan said...

Scarlet and mint's collection is exactly what the modern indian girl needs! A lot of the indian online stores' collections are limited to indian wear and chunky indian accesories.. S&M's collection is a breath of fresh air.. So classy and sure to make one stand out.. One statement accesory, chosen wisely, can bring out the diva in you.. That is what scarlet and mint's collection is!!!

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just awesome