Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Winners for India Circus give-away

Thanks everyone for the overwhelming response for the India Circus give-away. Thank you Linda, Shalsoman, Anoopa Susan, Patricia Torres, Reshma Sharma, Priti Singh, Vaishali, Sarah, Colourfully_yours, Anusha, Party of 5, Shilpa George for participating in the give-away!!

The winners are Reshma Sharma and Anoopa Susan!!!!!

Congratulations Reshma and Anoopa!!!!! Please email me (tbinspirations@gmail.com ) your shipping address to receive the give-aways and don’t forget to send me a picture with it! Meanwhile there are lot more give-aways and offers coming up so if you didn’t win, you will be lucky the next time!

Image via India Circus


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