Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Beautiful Day......

I am devastated and sad with the recent tragedies and incidents happening around the world… it’s the beginning of a new year and our hopes of a better and peaceful world comes crashing down when we hear such horrific events…..I worry what kind of a world will my little one grow up in... nevertheless we still need to hope for a better world for the sake of our family, the society and the world….. there is no point in being bitter…. No point in giving up… it’s important for us to find and see beauty around…. Enjoy the good times with friends and family…we all have a story to tell… let our story be a good inspiration for others…. enjoy the goodness that life offers you… after all we have just one life to live.

It’s a beautiful day here in Muscat. It’s cloudy … the weather Gods are trying to decide whether to pour down…. The weather is just perfect.  I stepped out into my garden this morning to enjoy this beautiful weather … I can just sit out all day if I didn’t have any chores to complete… but today I set all that aside… taking in what the nature had to give for me… and I was grateful and happy with what I saw… my flowers were blooming… and I started clicking away with my camera.

Enjoy your day and wish you lots of happiness and peace!
Sharing some pictures from my garden clicked this morning


Cut a few for my home to pamper myself :)
Images are clicked by me (Copyright Tickled by Inspirations)

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