Monday, January 12, 2015

House of the Month: Elizabeth Job's residence from Doha

Here is my favorite segment of the month – “Home Tours”. Today’s home tour is all the way from Doha, Qatar. I’ve known Elizabeth Job for her personal vibrant style, lots of energy and for her eye for glamour and sophistication. And when I viewed her space, I was overwhelmed on how inviting her space looked. Her home is infused with warm fabric, textures, rug, lighting that gave me a calm and cordial feeling.

Here is what Elizabeth had to share about herself and her beautiful home
Tell us a bit about yourself
"I, Elizabeth Job, love glamour and a sense of glitz attached with anything I do. But when it comes to my home, I like it to reflect warmth and a stylish chic. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and my passion for interiors lead me to pursue a diploma in Interior Design."  

Where do you derive your inspiration for your décor?

"The immensely creative people and interesting projects which I was fortunate to be part of during my 6 year career span both in Indian and Dubai have always inspired me. 

Being a native of Kottayam, Kerala and having lived almost all my life in different parts of the Middle East a lot of my inspiration is a combination of opulence and contemporary accents.

Besides this I love to work with an unusual color palette, varied types of textures and prints. In my home you will find very few shiny surfaces in my home. Most of them are matte. I love ceramics and terracotta, they connect you to the Earth. Mustards, Fuscia and Navy are the colour pallet that I have used and they are my current favourites."

Ready for Elizabeth's home tour??? Here goes...

Loved the display of pictured on the wall


warm living room bursting with daylight

Children's room shelf decorated so well!

Children's room bright with colours

Master Bedroom with vibrant pops of blue

Terracotta in her garden

Her beautiful garden

I hope you enjoyed this home tour!! Thank you Elizabeth Job for sharing your beautiful space with me and my readers!!

Images via Elizabeth Job



Unknown said...

What a colorful home.. Thanks for sharing..

Rachel said...

Am glad you enjoyed this post!