Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jebel Sifah Resort

view from my room

My recent trip to Jebel Sifah Resort, with some friends and family turned out to be a wonderful getaway… The drive to this paradise was beautiful, serene and breathtaking views of mountains, roads and the sea. The resort is beautifully designed, well maintained, spread out and lies near the beach and has a beautiful view of the marina. What I loved about the resort was the calm soothing and earthy texture of the resort. And I would recommend staying for at least 2 nights if you want to explore the cruise and the beach. It’s also hub for yacht cruising, recreational boating and aqua sports. The rooms were good and spacious, friendly staff, well maintained pool and good food.

The only trouble we had in reaching this place was there was no proper signpost indicating the location of the resort. We had to drive around a bit to locate. Other than this our stay there was pleasant and looking forward to staying here again!!

the drive was beautiful



beautiful view of the mountains

Images are clicked by me


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