Monday, November 2, 2015

Hallway Decor

Hallways are generally the most neglected area of a home with no design love. But actually, it deserves all the design love it needs because it’s considered as transitional space for the guest before reaching the other rooms of the house. One needs to set the mood right to welcome the guests as it gives the first impression of your home. The style and design of hallways must fit into the overall décor of your home.

If you have not given the required love and attention for your hallway, here are some ways to do so…

Light up
Hallways generally lack windows and the only way to enhance light is through large mirrors, wall lamps or hanging lamps.  And preferably a light paint scheme that matched the overall paint of your home.

Image via Vogue

There are different ways to hang art in your hallway. One is to hang a single piece that is captivating against the wall. Or hang a collage of art work or photos from ceiling to bottom by creating your own gallery display with bold frames to create a pattern.

Image via Lonny

If you have space constrain make sure you chose a console table that is narrow that fits in your hallway and place your favorite sculpture or a vase full of flowers to give a fabulous display to your guests. And if you have enough space you can add a book shelf or a small cupboard for storage solutions or a coat stand. But keep in mind it’s not heavily trafficked and cluttered. And make it as cozy as possible.

Image via Pinterest


Use potted plants with beautiful textured planters to uplift the tone of the house. And its also a great decorating potential. Moreover a little bit of green always livens up a space.

Image via Lonny

Rug and Tiles

Place a nice funky and colorful rug with beautiful patterns to give an extra impact. Or create patterns with colorful floor tiles.

Image via Lonny

Hope these tips have been useful for you. I think I am ready to redo my hallway at the earliest.... time for a change!!!... after all first impression counts. And I hope I can share the before and after pictures. Have a good day!


Madhu Thottappillil said...

Wonderful Ideas...extremely well cataloged ! :)

Rachel said...

Thanks Madhu! :)