Thursday, January 7, 2016

Small Space Coziness

My first post to kick start the new year!

Lately I have been drawn towards small spaces that are cozy and beautiful and I find myself collecting and bookmarking small spaces. I always believe every home, big or small, can benefit comfort and coziness. You can turn a smallest room into an inviting retreat, without clutter and look larger than it appears.

Here are some tricks to make your tiny apartment look expansive

Visually to open up your space, choose furniture that has slim legs and have a simple clutter free furniture arrangement. Choose small multifunctional furniture pieces  with storage that will make the room more airy.

Image via Lonny, Photographed by Attic Fire Photography

Colour Scheme

Use light and cooler tones to reflect light to make the room more spacious. Try to limit the use of dark shades as it can make your space feel confined and restricted.

Image via Lonny

The best way to manage clutter is to take advantage of unused vertical space.  Incorporate high mounted shelves or hangings shelves and storage compartments that will free space on your floor. This will also draw your eyes upward giving an illusion of a bigger room. Also make sure the shelves and storage compartments are light colours in order to blend well with the walls.

Image via Lonny

Use of proper light is an important factor. To me a room is never cozy enough, if it doesn’t have the right amount of light.  If your space has huge windows then you are blessed to have lots of natural light. Stick to sheer window treatments to take advantage of natural light. Use of mirrors helps in reflecting light to areas that lacks natural light. If you love socializing and entertaining, use bright lights for large gatherings and smaller ones like table lamps for intimate gatherings.

Image via All Day Chic

To breed an instant warmth and texture to your space add a lush rug or a fluffy throw on your sofa. Plants too add depth and warmth to a room. Hang a large art piece or frame instead of small pieces of artwork on your wall. This will create a focal point to your room and thereby making your room look spacious. At the same while accessorizing try to embrace a minimalistic approach to avoid cluttered look.

Image via Lonny, Photographed by Patrick Cline

I hope these tips were useful and you get to incorporate it in your space. If you have turned around your small space into a warm retreat, feel free to share at