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Tia Pakhi

Tia Pakhi is a popular label in many households that love Indian textiles, traditions, culture and craft. The French designer of Tia Pakhi, Anais Basu, exposed her fans to a beautiful blend of colours, craft and textile traditions. Her collection is pure joy and diverse. I am completely smitten on how she has brought out the simplicity and elegance of traditional Kantha embroidery on clothes, accessories and home linen. Her passion for textile and her love for India’s rich cultural heritage are definitely reflected in her collection.  I love the way she has translated the old vintage designs with new and made it classy and chic. It’s hard for me to describe what I see and feel … so here have a look!!


Too much eye candy right? Let’s move on to hear more from Anais and her love for Tia Pakhi

Anais, tell us a bit about you…. Your journey that brought you to India…Have you had any formal design background?
I studied Fashion and textile design in Paris. My dream was to visit India to discover its rich textile heritage and culture. My design sensibility was always attracted to natural yarns and bright colours. With my diploma in my pocket I flew to India for the first time in 2006 for an internship in a textile export-house in Calcutta. Although I had read and informed myself a lot before coming it was an overwhelming experience when I arrived! I very quickly knew I would be happy here. Little did I know that I would not only fall in love with the textiles but with the man of my life! This is how few years down the line I am living in Calcutta with my husband, my beautiful 10month old daughter and a TIA PAKHI :) 

Why the name Tia Pakhi? How did it all begin?
Although in my first internship I was developing designs for computerized embroideries, it is on my personal time that I got the chance to discover more of the handcrafts and textiles techniques of embellishment. Kantha embroidery immediately attracted my eye for its simplicity yet great intricacy. I loved the texture it lends to the fabric and how it gives vibrancy to a simple design. I then got the chance to develop few samples of designs for my own portfolio with some artisan I had been introduced to. It was the first step in conceptualizing TIA PAKHI a brand of textiles dedicated to reviving and contemporizing Kantha embroidery. 

TIA PAKHI is the Bengali word for the green Parrots which used to fly around the region of Bengal. They're also disappearing slowly as many handcrafts. I liked this name for its easy pronunciation in many languages and the parrot of course represents the exotic and colourful aspect of my work. TIA PAKHI could sound like a designer's name if one doesn't know the language. In fact I occasionally receive emails addressed to me as "dear TIA PAKHI " :)

Where do you draw your inspirations for your designs? Tell us a bit about your collection.
I mainly draw inspiration from Nature, Architecture, vintage ethnic textiles. Colour is my great passion. I can spend hours selecting colours and looking for new combinations. 

I also love paintings and illustrations. Free hand colourful drawings from various illustrators and painters. An organic and free style which makes designs so lively. 

My latest collection is inspired by lush tropical foliages intermingling and intertwined with some accent pieces such as Toucans or butterflies, adding some movement and liveliness to this green setting

How would you describe your design style and do you have a signature touch with your designs?
My design style is firstly very colourful! I choose specifically minimalist designs in order to enhance the handwork and the colour combinations. I feel that these are the key points of my work. I love bold and rounded designs in large sizes with colour blocking and a hint of humour. 

What is your big dream for Tia Pakhi?
My big dream for TIA PAKHI would be to open a store in Paris. I would like more people from that side of the world to know about the beautiful handwork done here in India yet with a style they can easily apply to contemporary setting. 

What décor tips would you like to give my readers?
My decor tip would be: not to follow any rules but create the ambiance that you love. I feel it is mostly the care and personality that one puts in his home which makes the difference which makes it inviting. I am a fan of very eclectic homes with a mix and match of different styles and objects from different periods and places.

Thanks Anais for sharing your passion and journey with us!!
If you get to Calcutta, please make sure you visit her boutique. From what I gather she has tastefully decorated her store and I hope I get to visit her boutique one day!! Click here to browse through her website or here to visit her Facebook page.

Images via Tia Pakhi


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I love Tia Pakhi products! they are so gypsy and colourful!