Saturday, February 13, 2016

Friday Lunch

Hanging out with a bunch of non-judgmental friends makes life so blissful…. No comparisons, no jealousy, no barriers or pretence of any kind…. Just happy with themselves… and more importantly you are on the same page with them! All this makes life less complicated! And I have to say they bring out the best in me…there are very few who has that effect on me!! So a big muaah to this bunch!! We decided to make use of the fabulous weather here and hit different restaurants, cafes and taste different cuisines or just have coffee or tea somewhere just to unwind.

Last Friday’s impromptu lunch at Mani’s Cafe was good, not too heavy … it’s a small cozy place just to relax and unwind, minimalistic décor, good service .… and not a crowded place. We had the hot and sour soup, Penne Carbonara that has turkey bacon and extra creamy Alfredo sauce (I will definitely go again to have this), Grilled Chicken Pesto and chicken sandwich with mozzarella, wasabi & mayo. And I give a thumbs-up for all the dishes and their portions are huge! Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of our main food as I was so famished. They have a great breakfast menu as well but not extensive!! Indulging in dessert after lunch is a ritual for me, at least on Fridays… But we skipped dessert at Mani’s and decided to stroll along the beach nearby and head to Slider Station to devour Oreo crusted fondant and their Lotus Biscoff Pancakes with home made vanilla pod ice-cream drizzled with caramel and paired it with coffee!!! I went to heaven and landed right back… it was the best! So head there if you feel like indulging in some dessert… totally worth it!

All pictures are clicked by me


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