Sunday, February 7, 2016

Weekend Fun

I have fond memories of getting away with my folks on day trips to farm houses, parks and beach for picnic, especially when the weather gets pleasant and cool. Well last weekend turned out memorable for me as we went for a day trip to a farm house with some “cool” family and friends, played some games with barbecue, listening to some good music, danced and random conversations. And my weekend ended with some surprise gifts all the way from US, some quality time with my dear cousin and an impromptu lunch, coffee and a park visit with a bunch of adventure driven friends, which turned out to be equally interesting and fun… all I can say is the inner child within me or rather “all of us” just took charge! And on a positive note I am slowly getting my strength back after the bad viral!!!

The weekend was just perfect! It was a weekend where we embraced the beautiful weather… some family time…. Some quality time with friends and lots of food!!!  I hope you all had an equally fabulous weekend! And remember …. “Never forget your inner child"

Here are some pictures that sums up my weekend…

a beautiful farm in Barkha


why not roll on the grass.... simple pleasures

Lunch @Mackenzies
All pictures are clicked by me


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