Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bohemian Inspiration

I have revisited home tours that are bohemian in style for hours and got lost because this style of interiors always gives me a sense of comfort, serenity and character. It just brings on joy, warmth and sense of retreat. If you are unconventional and free spirited at heart then this is definitely your style. A bohemian home has a bit of eclectic, modern, colours, textures and patterns. It’s definitely an antidote to contemporary and minimalistic style!

I often wonder if this unconventional style is easy to adapt….For many this style may look chaotic, mismatched and too much to take in… but it is actually quite simple. Boho need not be a cluttered retro look… you can always achieve a Boho-minimalistic interiors which will equally give you a sense of cozy retreat.

Here are some tips to achieve this diverse and carefree style

Colour Burst – A Boho inspired room is all about colours and different hues.  Different colours are injected to a room through tapestries, rugs, curtains and piles of pillows. And strangely there is a sense of harmony when things don’t match is put together.
Furniture – Furniture pieces that ooze comfort like upholstered furniture, cozy armchairs, Ottomans, leather sofas and low coffee tables are common in most bohemian inspired rooms.

Accessories – Display of travel souvenirs, use of lanterns, candles, chandeliers, huge mirrors and old photographs in beautiful frames gives an exotic and vintage touch to Bohemian style room. Even a pile of books make a good accent and character to a boho-styled room.
Splash of Greenery – Abundance of plants is another common aspect for this diverse styled room. What better way to add life to a room!

Enjoy some of my handpicked Bohemian inspired spaces that express individuality!

Image copyright www.elledecor.com , photographed by William Waldron

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Image via Harper's Bazaar

Image via Harper's Bazaar

Image via Harper's Bazaar

Image via Harper's Bazaar

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superb.. its the sort of interiors you fall in love with