Thursday, January 26, 2017

How I keep my creative flame alive?

I am blessed to have set aside some time to keep my creative flame alive and people often ask me how do you do it? It’s not easy especially when you have to allocate time for yourself in your busy schedule…  I am a firm believer that there is inspiration everywhere…. It comes and goes and it exists everywhere you seek… And creativity happens only when there is some form of inspiration.
Here are some of my ways of keeping myself inspired…
1.       Nature espresso shot: Nature provides me instant inspiration like an espresso shot!  … Plants, flowers, birds make me appreciate the beauty around. We, me and my family, are blessed to have a small beautiful garden and every day, especially when the weather is good, it is mandatory that we sit out for some time and embrace nature’s beauty. It also helps us to achieve some family time.

2.        Journal: I keep a small journal where I write mundane things and draw and doodle…it’s my way of documenting my life… And it’s fun to look back at these pictures and notes…. It also helps me be grounded and grateful for everything.

3.       Books: Reading is another way of keeping my inspiration and creativity alive… I have books everywhere in my home, from my living room, kitchen and my night stand…. Even though I don’t get time always to read, just flipping through it makes me feel rejuvenated!

4.       Photography: Capturing memories through my camera lens is another way of journaling everything I do and I tend to lose myself in this art. And thank God for Instagram where you can share your daily journal and connect with people all over the world who share your love for creative art and other passions and thereby inspiring each other.

5.       Painting: To me blending and splashing colors on a blank canvas is therapeutic… it gives me a wave of stimulation and emotional energy.

6.       My blog: Through my blog I am so fortunate to have met virtually many artists who have inspired me and allowed me to soak up their creativity. Their journey has given me strength especially when I felt disconnected from everything around me. I guess the key is to allow yourself to open to inspiration and influences around you and have the courage to be creative.

7.       Digital Detox: To make myself a better me, I try to digitally detox from everything once in a while (which is rare!) even though I find it so hard especially when you are  digitally dependent!! The key is to set boundaries so that you strike a balance somewhere between your family, art and work.


I would love to hear from my readers on how you stay inspired to keep your creative flame alive…. It is a beautiful day here and I wish I could share this beautiful weather with you all… Nevertheless I wish each one of you a Happy and Blessed day!!!


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