Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year thoughts and Christmas warmth from my home

2017 has begun… and as always I am hoping for a happy and healthy new year… Life is all about ups and downs … my trials my pains has made me what I am today and none of these shattered my inner personality…. And more importantly I am still grateful for my family and good friends around me that is my support system. I still want to continue to make everything around me more beautiful …. continue to be comfortable in my own skin … do the different… be me… laugh loud… dance away, continue to count my blessings, be more fit, eat right, stay healthy and learn something new whenever there is an opportunity. So cheers to 2017 and I hope to continue a beautiful journey with all my readers out there!!! Shine on…. Glitter away and sparkle in whatever you do….

Here is a glimpse of the Christmas warmth from my home before I bring down the décor….

brownies recipe coming up... stay tuned!
mulled wine
Cheers to more inspirations and blogging
All images are clicked by me

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