Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Home Tour: Residence of Vinaya from Massachusetts

Today’s home tour is all the way from Massachusetts. Vinaya's home is what defines a calm retreat. I have fallen in love with Vinaya’s impeccable two bedroom apartment. Vinaya is a décor blogger and she is the author of Hip Hip Home. Her blog is full of interiors, décor and DIY inspirations. 

Vinaya's apartment is predominantly neutral in color with white walls and has a clever mix of different shades of blues through beautiful artwork, pillows, throws and eye-catchy textural patterns used in each room. I love the perfect blend of modern and eclectic elements and the plants that is used to brighten up her space. My eyes were fixated on the monochrome picture collage effect on the wall giving a harmonious effect in her home.  The dining area and the open shelving décor are other areas where you are bound to stop and admire again and again. Her collection and display of eclectic pieces can be seen on her coffee table, shelves and walls. Have a look at her home and let’s hear more from Vinaya herself.

What is your source of inspiration to do up your home?

For the longest time I didn't really care much about decorating or design. But a couple of years ago I took a little break from work and found myself spending more time inside our home. That's when I felt a very strong need to create a home that I loved being in. So it's safe to say that the inspiration came from within! 

What is your favorite décor style?

 My favorite décor style is modern but comfortable and cozy.

Do you have any favorite décor accent or favorite corner in your space?

We love our living room with our big white fluffy rug. We are almost always hanging out there. But be warned, it does take a good amount of effort to keep that rug looking fluffy and white-ish!

Tips for our décor lovers

There is no right way to decorate. The only right way is what you love and what makes sense to you. I think if you decorate purely based on what you love, then it will always be trendy to you and that's all that matters :)

Thank you Vinaya for sharing your beautiful calm space with me and my readers!! Your home definitely has a calming effect to us all!

Click here to view her blog and here to follow her on Instagram.

Images via Vinaya

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