Sunday, February 4, 2018

Reading Culture

Books have always been an integral part of my life. I love books … to read… to touch and it’s one of my stress busters. Do you remember the moment you fell in love with reading? Mine started with a series of Enid Blyton books… Famous Five series and Nancy Drew. I remember reading past my bed time with my bedside lamp on and taking my book to the restroom with so much of anticipation. Do you remember yours?

I am not happy that my reading has come down drastically. I do read on the net but that’s not how it used to be. We all got so busy with our own routine and we are all evolving and moving in a very different direction. In this technology driven world I pray that our kids will have the same passion for reading a book.  Because this is what will help them to think out of the box! And I know this will happen only when we set an example and read. I am quite active on social media promoting my blog, artists and other inspirations. And while I continue to do that I took a conscious decision last month to read more … or at least one book every month and also read with my little one. What are your thoughts? Please email me a picture of a book that you are reading or you recently finished with reviews. (email: ) I will gladly share it on Tickled by Inspirations wall. It is also a way to inspire others to read. Happy Sunday and Happy reading!!

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