Sunday, June 30, 2019

Mango Meringue Cream

I find it impossible to walk by ripe mangoes at the market without grabbing a few… And these exceedingly juicy and wonderful fragrant mangoes make fabulous easy desserts like mango mousse, fruit salads, sorbets and upside-down cakes and I hope I have inspired you to make some of my favorite mango recipes over the past one year. Today’s recipe is another perfect summer recipe which you can make at the last minute if you have the ingredients bought and kept ready. Mango Meringue Cream is one of my favorite weeknight summer dessert when you are yearning for that touch of sweetness. And it’s beautiful to serve in pretty glasses and easy to impress anyone!


Whipped cream:  1 1/2 cup

2 large ripe Mangoes to make puree

Chopped Mango for Garnish: 1 medium

Store bought Meringue (else you can make mini ones if you have time) – 1 big one or a couple of small ones

Chocolate for garnish

1. Peel the large mangoes and cube and puree it in food processor until smooth.

2. Beat the whipping cream and keep it ready.

3. Crush the meringue into pieces and add it to the whipped cream.

4. Layer the serving glassed with mango puree on the bottom, then a layer of whipped meringue cream and garnish it with cubed mangoes and chocolate. I used McVites Digestive nibbles for garnish as well.

It’s that simple and hassle free!!! And you can also improvise this recipe adding your own flavours like coconut or granola or nuts… possibilities are endless! I would love to hear if you loved this recipe.

Above pictures are copyrighted Tickled by Inspirations


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