Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Table Setting Inspiration from my home

How do you feel about place settings? Whether its breakfast, weekend brunch or an intimate dinner, would you experiment with a perfect table setting in your home? I believe that a beautifully set table can add to the mood for any meal and bring together your family and friends.
I’d like to share a place setting inspiration from my home and I hope you get inspired and attempt to experiment in your home. 

In order to start the whole process of table setting, you need to decide if you wish to set the table with a fitting table cloth with placemats or none... or just use a table runner. I used a plain table cloth with placemats.

To set the mood for your table setting you need to arrange center pieces. Choose effortless yet elegant arrangements by using flowers, candles or fruits. I decided to go for a minimalistic approach… sticking to a simple flower arrangement and tea-lights. 

The last step is to decide on your flatware, glassware and napkins. After the flatware is arranged, layout the napkin on the plate or underneath the fork and Voila!! The table is set!

I hope this has inspired you and helps make the task seem less stressful and enjoy the whole experience!

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