Friday, February 20, 2015

Recipe for the month: Chocolate Chip Cookies

I had the most unexpected rewarding experience recently when my 4 year old offered to help me bake cookies!!! She was keen to learn, offered to add ingredients and had fun mixing. And the look of accomplishment on her face melted my heart…And surprisingly I was laughing at the whole mess created in the kitchen … truly a messy and pivotal moment!  This brought back a lot of nostalgic memories of childhood … remembered how I used to offer to help mom to make cookies… and afterwards licking the mixing bowl! I hope to continue to experience this with my 4 year old as she grows up and give her some beautiful memories to cherish.

Cookies are fun and comforting to bake, easy to carry while traveling and great to gift.  This chocolate chip cookie recipe by far is the closest to the subway cookie texture… soft and chewy… the kind that melts in your mouth.

my 4 year old kept these out assuming she may need these cookie cutters ;)

at this stage she found it hard to mix as the dough starts getting thick and heavy
As soon the cookies were baked and out of the oven, and in 5 mins it started mysteriously disappearing one by one!! Click here for the recipe and it gives a detailed instruction. It's from a great food blog called Sally's Baking Addiction. Enjoy baking these awesome cookies!!
Images are clicked by me



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