Wednesday, April 15, 2015

House of the month: Supriya from Aalayam Inspiration

Today I am visually drawn towards Supriya Murthy’s aesthetic home, because there is inspiration everywhere. She is the talented co-author of Aalayam Inspiration, a blog that I adore. Her home is predominantly ethnic with memories and stories attached to it. I love the way she created a symphony of colours, fabrics and décor pieces.

Please scroll down to enjoy the home tour and hear from Supriya herself as she shares with us on where she got her inspiration to decorate her home.

Our home incorporates global design elements that are not necessarily conformist! The palettes range from ornate Indian furniture with vibrant textural softscaping to irreverent Bohemian chotchkies combined with quirky antique chic! This decor scheme blends form and function, and works like a charm for moving stuff around based on mood and occasion. The featured snapshots of my living space epitomize my style philosophy "let the room speak for you!"


 Color is synonymous with inspiration to me. I derive my joie de vivre everyday looking at a palette of vibrant colors in my living space - whether on the walls, on the bookshelf or on kitschy cushions thrown around all my rooms! When I moved to the USA, I was very keen on bringing back a piece of Indian flavor - fabrics and decor pieces, with me to infuse color into my first apartment! These pieces have traveled with me through two apartments, a Masters degree and two babies, into our current home. The cushion covers (the colorful patch work ones you see in the pictures) are dog eared and worse for wear! But I love them! Because those are the first things ever that I bought for MY own living space! 


 I have always been attracted to traditional accessories, masks and sculptures and antique, generational serve ware. In today's modern homes, I feel it’s vital to use every opportunity there is to bringing that antiquity in! I have tried to infuse ethnic color via the russet tones of bronze and gold, conveniently providing both design and function throughout the house.

Finally, a story to finish off my color splash! I pepper our home with my favorite accessories bought from street vendors back home in India. One particularly charming fellow was trying to put his kid through school, and I have brought many a thing from him, sometimes needlessly.

I have bought wind chimes and dancing puppets that you see in our home, for their gorgeous workmanship, the beautiful colors and to commemorate his heartwarming entrepreneurial spirit!  These gorgeous things, and the memories hang proudly in many sunny corners in our home, reminding me of my real roots...far far away!


Thanks Supriya for sharing your beautiful space with us. It definitely quenched my thirst for a beautiful home tour!!

Click here to hop on to her beautiful blog called Aalayam Inspiration, a blog that is filled with inspirations to take away.
Images via Supriya from Aalayam Inspiration



Lynn Fernandez said...

Beautiful home

Supriya and Deepa said...

Rachel, this is such a nice showcase! Thank you for bringing Aalayam to your blog! I am touched.

Love, Supriya

Supriya and Deepa said...

Rachel, this is such a nice showcase! Thank you for bringing Aalayam to your blog! I am touched.

Love, Supriya

Aalayam Inspiration said...


Indeed supriya's home is a visual treat. Her love for colors and warmth is a reflection of her bubbly spirit and I can vouch for that!


Rachel said...

Lynn, I am glad you enjoyed this home tour

Rachel said...

Supriya and Deepa, Glad to feature Supriya's home. Deepa, waiting to feature your home as well.