Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Indigo Blue Inspiration from my home

Good morning everyone! Happy Tuesday! Trust you all are holding up fine and happy! As the summer is slowly creeping in, I am trying to ignore the fact that we are all going to be baked soon as the heat goes up. So to cool off my place with freshness, I would like to welcome you all to my comfort zone as I style away my coffee table with Indigo blue. The idea was to bring freshness to my living room and the best way to start is from my coffee table...  I could feel my table screaming for some love! So I put some of my favorite elements together and voila! I must admit I am so pleased with how all the elements have come together.

In this vignette you will find books, books are always a part of my decor…. There are tealight holders… my favorite treasure, a Wedgwood box that I acquired 5 years back…. a matching table runner from Athens… and bougainvillea flowers!

Let me know what you think of my indigo blue styling! Suggestions are welcome!! Have a fabulous week ahead!

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1 comment:

George said...

Thank you for the cooling freshness as we gear up for the scorch!
To be more precise:
The lamp is Lapis blue,
The big book is Indigo blue,
The smaller book is Cerulean blue,
The box is Cerulean and Azure blue,
The vase is Cobalt blue and,
I am just blue from guessing all the blues. :P