Thursday, December 7, 2017

Recycled DIY Cards

One of the nicest things about recycled cards is that it’s a great way to teach about recycling and sustainability. I had a pile of some wedding invitation cards that’s of absolutely no use now and I stashed it away hoping to recycle it all at some point. And since Christmas is around the corner I decided to recycle these invite cards into Christmas cards. So I cut them all into half… discarded the inner sheet that had the invite details and used my recently acquired calligraphy skills in use. Isn’t it a gorgeous (and green)idea?

Love these self embossed prints on the card... so hard to throw them away! 
Cut the card into half... I will definitely use the Invitation printed side for future use so I have kept it away :)

My Calligraphy skill in use!

Lots more to write!!

Do you have a fun project for Christmas? Please share your ideas with good resolution pictures and mail to . I will gladly share it with my readers.

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Divishi Verma said...

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