Thursday, December 21, 2017

DIY Christmas Cards

Gone are the days when we used to make Christmas cards and post them to our loved ones…

In order to revive this and keep the tradition going, my dearest sis’ Anju took the initiative to pull all our cousins together on this little project. So all of us decided to make simple Christmas cards and send to each other. And this small initiative brought back nostalgic Christmas memories. Mailing addresses were exchanged with each other… and our creative skills were put in use. (Thank you Anju!)

I came across a brilliant DIY Christmas project on Pinterest where you just use Q-tips and some acrylic colours. And I had a fabulous time doing this with my 7 year old!!

  • So all you need are some acrylic colors - preferably Christmas colors, Q-tips for each color, Colored or white card paper and a paper plate to put colors on.

  • Create a card by folding the paper.

  • If you are making a Christmas tree then dip your Q-tip on green color and make dots into a tree shape.

  • Then add ornaments by making different colored dots. It is as simple as that!!!

  • Use your creativity, make any Christmas scene and have fun doing it with your little ones!!!

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