Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Happy 2018.... Reset, Refresh!

So here we are smoothly sailing into 2018… wondering what this brand new year has in store for us. Aren’t we all looking forward to fresh starts, possibilities and more importantly refresh?? Many have managed to keep their resolutions in 2017 and turned their lives around unlike me. But I have to say that I managed to stick to two of my resolution and that is “to learn something new” and travel. I am grateful and blessed that I learned two new skills in 2017- Calligraphy and different textures in painting.  

This year, like the previous I hope to learn something new again. This is important to me because it opens up doors to endless possibilities and helps me to look at the world in a different angle. We are never too old to learn something new… a new language, an instrument, dance or any other skill. And secondly I hope to focus on being healthy… eat healthy, less sugar and carbs (the most difficult part) and stay fit. And when it comes to blogging, I sincerely hope I can be more consistent … and focus more on my paintings. So here I am hitting the reset and refresh button by taking the following small steps:

·         Learn a new skill

·         Read one book every month

·         Create an art work every month

·         Eat more fiber and less carbs and sugar (me crying here L but got to do it)

·         Travel

·         Dance, sing, listen to more music and party because life is short. Need to create good memories.

·         Chase my dreams and make it work

·         Organize my pictures and click more

·         Do all the fun things with my family, especially my 7 year old

·         Constantly remind myself that change is a good thing

Thank you all for showering me with lot of blog love!! You all have kept me going with your comments and emails. I am back with more inspirations, home tours, décor love, food, art, DIY and interiors, so stay tuned!! Wishing each one of you a Fabulous, Blessed and Healthy 2017!!

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Nupur said...

Great goals Rachel, so similar to mine! Wish you loads of happiness in 2018. Keep blogging ����

Rachel said...

Thank you Nupur!!! Happy 2018 and wish you the best!!!

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