Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Home Tour of Kapila Banerjee’s home from India

Home Tours are my happy segment. They tell us so much of the owners taste and their personality. Kapila Banerjee’s home in India screams ethnicity, earthy and bright tones.  I got distracted as I was browsing through the pictures, right from the wall colour to the ethnic and vintage furniture and beautiful lamps. My eyes were also glued to her beautiful vignettes displayed on her coffee table and other corners. Kapila’s love for aesthetic décor and her love for travel can be seen in the curios that she has collected over the years. And her love for plants is blended well in her space. Her home is a true reflection of her taste… So let’s hear more from Kapila herself and view her home. Enjoy the home tour!
beautiful tablescape

“I was born and bought up in Indore -MP Heart of India. Right from my childhood art was part of me. Back then in college days I developed interest in interior designing. This led me to learning basics through the formal diploma in interior designing. While I could not purse it as a profession but the interest continued right from the time when I did the decor of my parental home to my own house after marriage. Being happily married to Sonal for 14 years and counting, we are proud parents to twin daughters. We have been moving places due to work demands. Sonal currently is on a overseas assignment based out of Yangon, Myanmar. I returned back with my girls to Indore from Nairobi, Kenya.

My apartment (2500 square feet space) is a mirror reflection of my passion around art, home décor and paintings. Both I and Sonal are passionate and appreciative about beautiful art pieces and unique furniture. My daughters aged 9 have also developed a taste for decor of their own in specific style which reflects in their room. The artifacts in the home have been collected over the years. Each place we stayed or went on a vacation we did add on to our collectibles. Decor in my home has rich influences of lifestyles and cultures from few Indian states, certain African countries and the Far East influences which we gathered due to Sonal’s current stay at Myanmar.

lots of wood and metal elements that go hand in hand

There is a very dominant presence of metal and wood in every room which shows a nice blend of ethnic with contemporary lifestyle in the house. My love for hand painted artifacts is also prominent with some of my own works. Every nook and corner of the house has a little space to spare with different moods. I love fresh plants and flowers all around. I have a small cozy sit out in the balcony surrounded by well-groomed plants. I prefer natural light hence I like using light curtains and some of them are my old sarees reused. I like using vibrant and warm colors, one key highlight is the camouflaged décor in the living room wall paint and the furniture’s around the room which has blended elegantly. You shall also find glimpses of African decor in the house which is a nostalgic remembrance during my stay at Kenya for few years.
a warm corner to chill

her beautiful balcony

Favorite spot in my home is the family room along the balcony space. This is one room where I spend most of my time with kids and extended family. Day bed corner is the most comforting zone with natural light and fresh air along with greens from the adjoining balcony.

beautiful wall colour that goes well with her ethnic décor 

My advice to all decor lovers out there is to try new things from the old and antique decor pieces .Be updated on new products , specially the once which help you to keep the house organized. Use fresh plants they just add so much life and vibrancy to any corner. Play with lights to get different visual impacts. It’s finally not about the size but the space utility.”
her cozy living room

Another beautiful vignette

her girls bedroom

Thank you Kapila for giving us a fabulous home tour and giving us many inspirations to take away. 

All above images are copyright Kapila 

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