Monday, November 26, 2018

Home Tour: Residence of Keerat Kaur

After a long break I am back with a beautiful home tour of one of my favorite gypsy soul, Keerat. A beautiful home filled with fascinating and tiny vignettes.. She has put together her curios that she has picked up with love during her travels and created charming vignettes in her space. With an aptitude for sourcing the right pieces and an eye for arranging them, infused with her personality, she is able to put everything together with grace. The walls in her home are artfully arranged. Keerat is no stranger to many travel lovers in the insta world. She blogs about her travel adventures, art and culture. I adore her pictures of each city she has visited and  the way she has documented her travel.

Let’s hear more from Keerat and learn more about her source of inspiration for decorating her home and browse through her pretty home.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am an Army brat married to a Shippy! I’m a writer with a love for travel, literature, art and culture. I’ve lived all over the country, having ping-ponged all over India thanks to my father’s postings every two years. We actually shifted from Ladakh to Chennai, with boxes full of woolens. Marrying a sailor allowed my gypsy soul to truly come out. I’ve been with my husband several time on voyages and have explored everything from Australia to the Far east to Europe to South America. And my house is an amalgamation of all these experiences. Everything in my house has a story or sentiment attached to it – a lot of things have been picked up in woebegone parts of the world, haggled for in flea markets, bought from kindly strangers on the road side, scored from auction houses and even antiques that have come with their own share of sacrifices.

Where do you get inspiration to do up your home?
My biggest inspiration, as clichéd as it may sound, is my Mother. She had this innate ability to turn ramshackle Army houses into beautiful and cosy homes. It is her passion for home décor and keeping a beautiful house that inspired me. And having travelled all over the world, I do realize there’s nothing like home. Which is why I like doing up my home – it needs to be my sanctuary, my refuge, my comfort and something I’m proud of!

What's your favorite décor style?
I would define my style as eclectic, with a steady mix of English countryside with Bohemian touches. I love originality and don’t restrict myself to a particular style. My house is a constant work in progress, with me changing things up pretty often. I am a self-confessed hoarder and I have several collections in my house – Blue and white chinoiserie, Touristy wall plates, Masks, Art collected from my travels, Shot glasses, Nautical items as a homage to my husband’s profession and my time on the ship,etc.

What's your favorite décor element or accent in your home?
This one is tough to answer because there are too many things I love. A lot of things in my house may appear ordinary but have such extraordinary stories attached to them. The blue and white ginger jar is one of my favourites – picked it up as a steal in China, then it travelled all over the world onboard the ship and still managed to make it intact back home; the colourful carved door in my gallery wall in my living room – it was one of the first things I picked up for my home, many years before my marriage, in Kathmandu; the two intricate Russian plates in my foyer, bought from an auction house in Australia and so many more.

Do you have a favorite corner or space in your home? And why is it your favorite?
I think my blue and white corner is my favourite. It combines two of my passions – books and blue and white ceramics. This particular corner took years to come together and has treasures collected from Netherlands, Uruguary, Hungary, Czech Republic, Australia, Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Spain and even India. My guest bedroom comes a close second because of its Bali vibe.

Any tips or advice for décor lovers out there?
Don’t follow trends – have a style of your own.
Colour and type groupings is a thing I tend to follow and it works for me.
Don’t be afraid of white – it can really elevate a space.
Don’t be afraid of colour – it too can really elevate a space.
Decorate your home so that it reflects your personal taste and tells your story, don’t try to make it look like an impersonal hotel.
Living Room: The Gallery wall is the focal point with art collected from the world over

Living Room

Dining Room with a wall filled with plates from different counrties
Dining Room: Shot glass collection display
Bookshelf filled with blue and white ceramics... aren't they gorgeous?

Foyer: a beautiful console table with  Moroccan lamps
Kashmiri settees handed down by my mother adorned with Kilim cushions from Turkey. I have also displayed masks from Brazil, Africa, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Bedroom: a beautiful four poster bed with a gorgeous dream catcher hanging.
Kicthen Vignettes: gorgeous colourful elements put together
Nautical corner: Beautiful artefacts collected from different ports

Thank you Keerat for sharing your inspiration with us! Keep traveling around the world and continue to share your travel adventures!!

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Stay tuned for more décor and interiors inspirations!! Enjoy your week!

Above pictures Via Keerat Kaur

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