Saturday, November 3, 2012

Art of Stained Glasswork by Kamla Ravikumar

Kamla Ravikumar, a professional artist and an interior designer by profession has designed and decorated residential and commercial spaces in Chennai. Her fascination for colour, light and stained glass led her to pursue training to master her skill in Tiffany Style Stained Glass in US. Her rendezvous with stained glass painting continued and has created some beautiful glass panels and doorway arches that are adored in many houses in India. Kamla’s creativity has spread into the world of art and has held several exhibitions of her paintings as well. She also teaches at Studio-41 in Chennai, the art of drawing, painting, pottery, Tanjore glass painting, Tanjore painting, stained glass painting, fabric painting, shibori and Tiffany style stained glass.

Here is a glimpse of her beautiful work

Click here to learn more about Kamla as an artist and here to learn more about Studio-41 the Art Workshop. If you wish to get in touch with her you can write to her at

Images via Kamla Ravikumar

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