Monday, November 5, 2012

House of the month: Residence of Shalini and Gabor

As I entered Shalini’s and Gabor’s inviting apartment I could just sense the warmth and a whole lot of positive energy. From what I have known Shalini everything in their house is an extension to her personality. Their place is vibrant, colourful and definitely relaxing. I noticed how cleverly they used blinds in order to get a generous amount of sunlight into their space. I love Shalini’s eye for details and how each piece blended with everything in their apartment so gracefully. You will also find Shalini's collection of vintage posters and Gabor’s framed photography that is artistically placed on their walls. The theme of Gabor's pictures were Omani traditions and culture and they were just beautiful.

As you can see I just went on clicking pictures and it was so hard for me to shortlist. So forgive me if you think I have put up too many pictures. Enjoy the home tour.

Thanks Shalini and Gabor for the lovely home tour. Please don’t be surprised if you find me at your doorstep soon!

Images are clicked by me


Unknown said...

Really enjoyed looking at the colourful and pleasing pictures of homes and kitchen accessories on your blog!!!!

Rachel said...

Thanks Esther and welcome to my blog!