Sunday, November 4, 2012

Murals and Art by Rebeca Nigrinis

Whenever I see Murals on walls or any large surface I often wondered how difficult it must be to create this large piece of art on your wall. But this kind of artwork can definitely transform a dull place into something bright and cheerful. When I received Rebeca’s mail I was amazed by her artwork. Rebeca Nigrinis is a self taught, comes from a family of artists and Murals has always been her passion. She is from Colombia and has moved to different places in Asia and Middle East and at present she is based here in Oman. Her work can be seen in many recreation clubs, nurseries and showrooms that are based here in Oman. Her creativity can also be seen on canvas and wood and she has held several exhibitions.

Here is a glimpse from her portfolio

You can get in touch with Rebeca at (+968) 95062388 and write to her at Click here and here to view her amazing work. And visit her facebook page to receive updates on her work.

Images via Rebeca Nigrinis

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