Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I came across this great online store called Countrykraftz bringing handpicked home décor and lifestyle products. It’s a joint venture started by Ninu Thomas and Nitha based in India. If you still haven't finished your Christmas shopping, why not visit Countrykraftz virtually and shop for your loved ones and save time.

Over to you Ninu Thomas to learn a little more about yourself and Countrykraftz

How did Countrykraftz begin?
Countrykraftz is a joined venture of me and my close friend Nitha, who is based at U.S. Both of us are interested in home interior and lifestyle products. So we decided to do something related to this area

What inspired you to start an online store?
Nitha came up with the online store idea, because we could operate it in our comfort zone. Both of us have children and we do not want to deviate from our priorities. Opening up a physical store needs lot of time and dedication when compare to online store. When we realized the possibilities of the E commerce market in India we ended up with this idea. However, we certainly have plans to open up local store in the near future.

Where are you based?
We are based at Kochi, Kerala.

What kind of products do you cater to?
We are purely into Home interior products. We offer a wide range of crafts collection from various parts of India. Our range of handpicked curios includes Photo Frames, bottle holders, wall decor, Planters, Home Décor, Gifts, tribal crafts, handmade pottery, handmade cutlery and much more. Apart from these, we are introducing our own line of products. We want to include a little bit of contemporary style too. Functionality and design are taken care when it come our designs. We are meticulous about the decorative and utility aspect of our products. We will introduce our products soon.

Do you ship outside India as well?
No, we do not ship outside India. However, we have plans to undertake international assignments in near future.




Click here to browse through their product range and here to access their facebook page. Happy Shopping!

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